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Veronica Irwin

Veronica Irwin is an award-winning technology reporter based in New York City. She is currently a full-time masters student in NYU's Business and Economics Reporting program, where she is taking a mix of MBA and MA journalism courses to learn how to 'follow the money' and produce impactful business investigations. While there, she is an investigative research assistant for Emmy-award winning reporter and professor Hilke Schellmann conducting research on AI tools used by HR professionals as well as police and prison systems. She is also covering the technology industry on a freelance basis. 

Veronica was most recently on staff at Protocol, a subsidiary of Politico, covering Fintech. There, she primarily wrote about blockchain and traditional lending products. Before covering tech, Veronica reported on San Francisco small business, San Francisco Bay Area politics, the California cannabis industry, and dabbled in music criticism. 

Her work has been featured in a wide variety of outlets including Fast Company, The San Francisco Examiner, The Nation, Ms. Magazine, SF Weekly, High Times, The Frisc, The Quietus, and more.

Veronica will be interning at Forbes on the Money team this summer. 

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"It's the writer's job to tell society what it pretends it doesn't know."

Mona Eltahawy


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