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Cherry Glazerr Releases “Hot Cheetos and Wine” for Anti-Trump “Our First 100 Days” Campaign

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


The Berkeley B-Side

The indie-rock community’s response to President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, the “Our First Hundred Days” project is a currently 57 song long album raising money for organizations focused on things like climate, reproductive rights, and undocumented immigrant protection. The project releases an exclusive track daily for each of Donald Trump’s first 100 days, featuring artists like Angel Olsen, PWR BTTM, and Toro y Moi.

Returning to her teenage-angst filled lofty vocals, lead singer Clementine Creevy gives us a revealing and personal performance on Cherry Glazerr’s contribution to the “Our First Hundred Days” project. Releasing their contribution last Wednesday, the track is surprisingly somber in comparison to their new, remarkably punchy album Apocalipstick (2017). A confessional around Creevy’s personal insecurities balancing a tough girl persona, she comes to use being “filled with hot cheetos and wine” to describe the odd and precarious life she currently lives. However, though the tone of the song may seem to be kind of a downer, Creevy repeatedly returns to the phrase “I may be nervous but I’m not sad,” romanticizing her experience and defending her authority as the strong frontwoman that she is.

Backed by Creevy’s own reverby guitar playing, Hannah Uribe’s tone-setting synths, and Sean Redman’s quiet drumming, the song grows steadily and subtly throughout. Though created with an intensely intimate premise lyrically, the song also serves to capture a conflict-filled moment in time in light of today’s political climate. Internal confusion is not unfamiliar to any of today’s young people, and is aptly embodied in the state of being filled with hot cheetos and wine especially in light of an elitist, cheeto-like president. Thus, Cherry Glazerr’s contribution to the “Our First Hundred Days” project is perfect as an exclusive track, looking behind the scenes into Creevy’s life and making a statement about today’s political climate as a whole.

Written by Veronica Irwin

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