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Content creators often go uncredited on Instagram. That's about to change.

A new feature will help creators get credit for their work.


Instagram announced a new feature Tuesday which will allow creators to tag their specific contributions to a project. Now, when a creator is tagged, the post’s author can designate whether they are a “stylist,” “photographer” or “model,” for example.

The new feature “gives us an opportunity to be seen easier,” Los Angeles-based creator Jordan Rock told Protocol.

The new feature comes as several social media companies have made additional concessions to creators, who drive engagement to their respective platforms. Instagram also recently launched overlay ads for Reels and began testing out paid creator subscriptions, while Twitch is also trying to get creators paid on a more consistent basis. And sure, YouTube isn’t desperate, but it's offering as many opportunities to monetize content as it possibly can to keep in viral stars' good graces.

Instagram’s new tag ostensibly solves a growing problem that occurs when several content creators contribute to a single post. In a blog post explaining the feature, Instagram says it was designed to elevate Black creators, who have called out the platform for the way it popularized trends they are responsible for without proper credit.

That’s certainly a real problem — social media platforms are where trends or slang first popularized by Black communities tend to become mainstream (remember “Bye, Felicia?”). But Rock told Protocol that it’s rare he’s tagged in a post, and it’s unclear what he contributed.

“There isn’t much click-through in general,” he said.

The feature will more likely come in handy for high-profile photographers, stylists and producers, who often find themselves one of a handful of handles tagged on a post. Excerpts from celebrity photoshoots, movie posters and brand launches often have several contributors tagged, for example, with little information as to who was responsible for which task.

As of Tuesday morning, the new feature is already live for most creators. After tagging, click “show profile category” to add the label.

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