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Corporate T-Mobile employees will face unpaid leave if they aren't fully vaccinated

Corporate employees must be partially vaccinated by Feb. 21.


Corporate T-Mobile employees who are not fully vaccinated by April 2 will be terminated, and those who are not partially vaccinated by Feb. 21 will be placed on unpaid leave. According to an email obtained by Bloomberg, the rule extends to anyone who needs to access the company’s badge-controlled offices, except for particular roles and locations and legally mandated accommodations.

Though many American companies have imposed vaccine requirements, relatively few have explained how and when employees who do not receive the shot will be terminated. Google, for example, told employees that they will lose pay and eventually be terminated should they not comply with the company’s vaccine policy by early January, but reversed that decision in an emailed statement Jan. 14, according to NBC News.

Google was not immediately available for comment.

The vaccine rules do not apply to field technicians or most in-store retail roles, according to the company memo. However, T-Mobile is still encouraging vaccination for these workers. Exemptions will be made for corporate employees who qualify because of specific medical and religious reasons, according to T-Mobile Chief Human Resources Officer Deeanne King.

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