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DoorDash CEO Tony Xu is joining Meta’s board of directors

Xu knows commerce and contractors, and could help Meta deal with both.


Tony Xu, the co-founder and CEO of DoorDash, has joined Meta’s board of directors. The tech executive is known for a painstaking attention to detail that many credit for his food delivery company’s success, and could help Meta as it expands its focus on commerce and the metaverse.

“Tony has built a great service for millions of people to get food and more from hundreds of thousands of restaurants and small businesses. I’ve always thought it’s important to have great tech leaders on our board, and Tony has direct experience both running a tech company and solving complex challenges in commerce,” said Mark Zuckerberg.

Xu moved to the United States from Nanjing, China with his parents at 5 years old, taking dishwashing jobs at local restaurants and starting his own lawn-mowing business at age 9. The 37-year-old CEO was made a billionaire in 2020 when the company went public with a $32 billion valuation. In the time since, the pandemic has only boosted the company’s growth, raising Xu’s net worth to over $2 billion.

But DoorDash, like Facebook, has also faced harsh criticism over its business model. After all, the company is dependent on independently contracted gig workers to deliver food. It also contributed $52.1 million alone to California’s Prop 22. Xu’s expertise navigating the controversy and optimizing a contracted workforce may be helpful to Zuckerberg, though, whose company uses a largely contracted workforce of content moderators.

Xu will be joining Mark Zuckerberg, Peggy Alford, Marc Andreessen, Drew Houston, Nancy Killefer, Robert M. Kimmit, Sheryl K. Sandberg, Peter Thiel and Tracey Travis on the board.

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