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LinkedIn just launched a podcast network

Looks like everyone’s in the audio content business now.


LinkedIn launched a new, professionally themed podcast network this morning, featuring 12 well-known creators who will cover topics ranging from mental health to startup trends. With the announcement, LinkedIn joins the ranks of tech companies attempting to become the favorite hub of content creators and influencers.

“As we looked around, one of the things that happened was that we started getting sponsorship interest in Jessi’s podcast,” said LinkedIn News Editor in Chief Dan Roth about their flagship pod, “Hello Monday.” “There were LinkedIn advertisers that were saying, ‘Hey, can I buy time on this podcast?’”

Over 4 million people have downloaded “Hello Monday,” the company told Business Insider. estimates that the global podcasting market will reach $94.88 billion by 2028.

LinkedIn is far from the only company leaning into helping content creators earn more money on their platforms. YouTube, for example, announced last month that it would be implementing NFTs and live shopping, while Instagram and Twitter are both testing out creator subscriptions. Even tech VCs are getting into content creation, like a16z with its Future podcasts. And then of course, there’s Spotify, with their many high-profile podcasting deals.

For what it’s worth, the origins of LinkedIn’s creator program stretch back to late 2012, when the company launched its Influencer program. This allowed hand-selected creators to write the longform articles LinkedIn has become known for. There are now over 500 influencers, including Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington and Richard Branson.

The LinkedIn pods are designed around predictable themes. Big Technology newsletter writer Alex Kantrowitz will podcast about leading companies in the industry, while author Jonathan Fields will talk finding purpose and inspiration at work, for example. Other podcasts are dedicated to startup culture, mental health in the workplace and personal development.

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