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Pop-Punk Band the Frights Drops New Music Video “Me and We and I” Ahead of New Album Hypochondriac

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Known for their charming brand of sarcastic surf-rock, The Frights released their latest music video “Me and We and I” in support of their third studio album Hypochondriac out August 24th. The band  released their junk-food filled music video “Crutch” earlier this month.

The video features lead singer and guitarist Mikey Carnevale happily running alongside the California coastline, dirtying his bright white suit with the blood of his bandmates along the way. Full of ironically cheesy smiles and faux gore, the video captures the contrast between the group’s bright guitar sounds and self-deprecating lyrics. The song itself revels in the difficult transition from youth to adulthood, as Carnevale sings, “I used to skate, now it’s something I hate.” However, with the help of some boxed wine and tequila bottles, the band’s classic drunken apathy still holds true.

Carnevale calls the record “a confessional album that I never assumed a band like ours would make.” If it follows the trend of these first two videos, the band appears to be taking a perhaps slower, more mature turn. The album is the second of theirs to be produced by Zac Carpenter of FIDLAR, a B-side favorite.

The Frights begin their tour on August 24th in their hometown of San Diego. Tour dates, venues, and more info can be found on their website.

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