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Protest Sound Archive Launches

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


The Quietus

Protest and Politics, a comprehensive collection of international protest sounds, is available as of today.

"No sound defines the age we’re living in better than the sounds of protest" says Cities and Memory creator Stuart Fowkes. Thus, Fowkes and his project cities and Memory will launch Protest and Politics, an interactive production of international protest sounds, this Monday.

The project hosts on-the-ground recordings of protests including Anti-Donald Trump, Anti-Brexit, Black Lives Matter, and 2017 Women’s March protests from as far afield as Chile and India. The product allows for an opportunity to compare, contrast, and seek inspiration from movements around the world from 1991 to July of this year.

Additionally, 73 musicians and sound artists have recomposed the sounds to create an interactive sound map. The map, hosting both the field recordings and the reimagined works lets the user click around the world and experience every sound bite both abstract and real-life.

Since Cities and Memory’s launch in 2004, they have already welcomed more than 500,000 listeners through their other projects including an examination of international sacred spaces and a sound map of London’s Underground.

More information can be found here.

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