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The Curated Guide to Cannabis in the Bay Area: Best Dispensaries, Deliveries, Edibles + More



It's no secret that the past year has been hard on business. At least 85 of San Francisco's restaurants have closed. Relatives around the country are calling us to ask about the supposed "San Francisco Exodus" of former downtown workers. The local arts scene is standing on its last leg.

Luckily, however, our right to spend our money on legal pot was protected. Cannabis businesses were declared essential, and though a few dispensaries closed (like the medical-era Urban Pharm, RIP), the majority have hung on. While smoking and vaping remains prohibited at cannabis lounges due to Covid-19, some, like at Posh Green Boutique, now let you sit down and enjoy an edible. And even though the traditional 4/20 festivities at Hippie Hill are canceled again this year, a few outdoor events, like the High, San Francisco! cannabis-themed scavenger hunt on April 17th, have been given the go-ahead.

Whether you plan to gather with your pandemic pod or just enjoy a day parked in front of the TV, 2021 is most definitely a year to celebrate all the herb has given us. Impulsively bought pre-rolls, after all, saved us from many a night of pandemic boredom. Cannabis-infused salves and lotions cured the back pain induced by our lousy home office equipment. Discreet, low-dose edibles made three-hour Zoom meetings manageable. Soothing tinctures kept our pandemic anxieties at bay.

So roll up a joint and let out a big exhale. The best thing about the stoner's holiday is you can make it just as relaxing, exciting, or sociable as you please. Here are some of the best products, dispensaries, deliveries, and adventures available within a couple hours' drive of the Golden Gate Bridge to help guide you on your journey.

High-End Cannabis Dispensaries & Deliveries in the Bay Area

Lucky for daily tokers and occasional smokers alike, cannabis was declared an "essential" business in California this past year. The trip to the dispensary became our monthly outing, and local budtenders and delivery drivers became the smiling faces we could always count on. These are some of the best dispensaries and delivery services that have been meeting our needs over the past year, offering some of the most luxurious products available in the Bay Area.


There is no bigger name in cannabis than Cookies, and there is no better location for a cannabis dispensary than the Haight-Ashbury near Golden Gate Park. Luckily Berner's on Haight (1685 Haight St., Upper Haight) has both the Cookies supply and the location, sitting at the corner of Cole and Haight and routinely carrying more than 50 different cultivars. If you ask CEO/founder Shawn Richard, however, he's most proud of his "equity shelf": a rack of flower, vapes, and edibles brands produced by other social equity entrepreneurs. // The first dispensary in San Francisco independently owned by a Black woman, Posh Green Cannabis Boutique (828 Innes Ave., Bayview), touts a stylish shop and places priority on wellness with their own, in-house CBD line. Having had their official opening interrupted by the pandemic, they're hosting an official grand-opening "Community Appreciation Event" on 4/20/21. Check out their Instagram for more updates. // Though smoking lounges are still a forbidden luxury, the centrally located Vapor Room (79 Ninth St., SoMa) has a carefully curated flower menu that, pound-for-pound, may be the best in the city. It's our choice for grabbing IC Collective flower—the only true, Grateful Dead-approved Chem Dog around—as well as the best sun-grown flower and the latest luxe edibles. // SPARC (1256 Mission St., 471 Haight St., 502 14th St.) still encourages customers to order online for pickup or delivery in order to reduce the amount of customers in the store, but it's worth the extra step. In addition to having their own vertically integrated farm operations, they also have made a pointed effort to support and advertise great social equity brands like the San Francisco Cannabis Oversight Committee's own Nina Parks' brand, Gift of Doja. // If you're a germaphobe—and who isn't these days—The Green Cross (4218 Mission St., Excelsior) is your jam. They've been taking pandemic safety seriously since before the first shelter in place order, and strictly enforce mask wearing and social distancing. // If you're heading back into the office, you'll want to get acquainted with the new Stiiizy location downtown (180 O'Farrell St., Union Square), a friendly, community-oriented shop with one of the widest vape and edible selections around. Cindy De La Vega, the store's co-owner, is supported by the city's social equity program and has developed a name for herself as a community activist with the violence-prevention and youth-development group United Playaz. Work remotely and never get downtown these days? Get a taste of the Stiiizy label by ordering its live resin pods in Gold Wedding Cake x Watermelon Z for home delivery ($30, available at Eaze). // If you've been surprised by the number of new Apothecarium locations (in the Castro, Marina, and SoMa) popping up around the Bay Area, don't worry, it's not short-term memory loss. They're owned by the Canadian company TerrAscend, one of the most successful companies in weed, and are rapidly expanding throughout the region. Their status also means they have one of the widest and consistently stocked selections in SF. // When a product is new on the market, Barbary Coast (952 Mission St., SoMa) will always be one of the first dispensaries to carry it. Stop by to check out the freshest edibles, eighths, and vapes on the scene. // Chic cannabis boutique Urbana (locations in the Inner Richmond and Mission District) transforms cannabis users from stoner to cannaisseur. This dispensary never carries anything "bottom shelf," so if you don't have the time to research before, you can rest easy knowing anything from Urbana is a safe bet.


Located in a downtown space formerly used by legalization legend Oaksterdam University, Cookies Oakland (1776 Broadway, Oakland) is the top brand's flagship Bay Area location—and is also delivering to "most" of the East Bay. Call ahead to see if your secret retreat away in the hills isn't so remote after all. // Conveniently located near Oakland freeways, East Bay native and equity entrepreneur Alphonso "Tucky" Blunt's semi-eponymous Blunts+Moore (701 66th Ave., Oakland) is open from 10am to 7pm daily. // The original Harborside (1840 Embarcadero, Oakland) is still receiving steady shipments from its 47-acre farm in Monterey County, as well as from every ambitious flower provider in Northern California, and then delivering it all to you. Even better, they've dedicated an entire grow room to clones, just in time for the growing season this year. // Hi Fidelity (2465 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley) still boasts one of the biggest selections in the Bay Area, consistently stocked with Emerald Cup winners and hard-to-find boutique and craft products. // The dab bar is closed, but Magnolia (161 Adeline St., Oakland) is open and certified RN Barbara Blaser, the legendary cannabis nurse, is available via phone and FaceTime to advise you on what may best relax your stress. // Farmacy (3243 Sacramento St., Berkeley), founded by cannabis activist Sue Taylor, also offers excellent service, emphasizing education and a welcoming atmosphere where there's no wrong questions.


If you ever worry about the amount of plastic packaging you accrue buying cannabis, Airfield Supply Co. (1190 Coleman Ave., San Jose) is the place to go this 4/20. For the full week leading up to the holiday, April 13th through April 20th, Airfield is encouraging customers to bring in as much plastic cannabis waste as possible so the dispensary can convert it into diesel fuel with the help of recycling innovator Resynergi. In return, customers receive a redeemable coupon for a wide range of edibles, vape cartridges, and pre-rolled joints with any purchase of $25 or more. // If one of your weekend road trips brings you to Santa Cruz, Kind Peoples (3600 Soquel Ave., 533 Ocean St.) is worth a stop on your trip. Not only does the Soquel location carry a wide variety of seeds and clones rare in the Bay Area, but they also have a long list of buy-one-get-one deals on cannabis eighths, vapes, and edibles. // East of Eden, with locations in Moss Landing and Salinas, consistently offer enough deals on products to fill up an entire web page. It's their extract selection, however, that keeps us coming back, stocked with both extracts for dabbing and multiple varieties of powdery hash to sprinkle atop your bowls and joints. For their tiered 4/20 giveaway, customers who purchase anywhere from $10 to $150 worth of products will receive raffle tickets for awesome prizes. The grand prize is a Marley Natural bong.


The lone brick-and-mortar dispensary in Marin County is still the CBC Marin Alliance (6 School St. #210, Fairfax), just as it's been since the 1990s. Walk-ins are medical only, but the delivery service is for everyone 21 and up. // Those of us lucky to enjoy a Russian River getaway already know about Riverside Wellness Collective (15025 River Rd., Guerneville). Online express ordering is recommended when you're in a rush, though their membership offers access to coworking and event spaces as well. // Harvest House of Cannabis (2449 2nd St., Napa) is operating normal hours but is one of the few dispensaries still only offering curbside pickup. // If you're a fan of the low-cost and top-tier cannabis from Talking Trees, it's worth the trek to Humanity Wellness (3791 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa). In addition to Talking Trees, they regularly carry top-shelf brands like Seven Leaves, Cookies, and Wonderbrett at unbeatable prices.


Social distancing accelerated the already rising popularity of all things delivery, and that applies to cannabis, too. Customers can order nearly every product available on the California market through the Bay Area's top-tier dispensaries, as they often have the widest selections around. Still the biggest name in the smartphone-hailed weed delivery game after its initial arrival a half-decade ago, Eaze remains the most consistent delivery company around with its exhaustive menu, quick delivery times, and unparalleled coverage area. If you can't get Eaze delivered to you, you may not exist. // If Eaze has any competitors, it's Caliva, a statewide delivery service with an extensive selection of sungrown flower, edibles, and social equity brands (they also just opened a deli-themed dispensary in SoCal, if you ever make the trip south). Always whimsical and never stuffy, their colorfully packaged sungrown flower is topos—though they also carry a wide range of other brands including Jay-Z's pricey cannabis brand Monogram if you're feeling fancy. // From Bolinas to the Sausalito pier, if you live in Marin County, you must get to know San Rafael–based Nice Guys Delivery. They're still one of the few retailers offering discounts for first-time patients (a whopping 25 percent off), and have a long list of changing buy-one-get-one deals on their website. // has fully embraced the CBD game. Anchoring its CBD hemp line are packs of smokes, full-spectrum tincture, and gummies, but THC products, including Dosist vape pens and Chong's Choice party joints, are available throughout most of the state. They're even stocked up on CBD treatments for your furry friends, if you want to share the love. // Cannabis to impress comes from the carefully curated selections at women-founded, women-run Sava. If you're on the lookout for creams to cure your aches and pains, this delivery service has the best wellness selection in the Bay Area, hands down. They also carry some of the best, small-batch, craft products: Check out the rosin-infused, Michelin star-chef created Turkish delights from Rose or whole-plant infused olive oil tinctures from Cosmic View. // For when only the very finest flower will do, the first and last call goes out to C.R.A.F.T. On top of their own legendary strains, find IC Collective, Alien Labs, and Connected. Their most fun deal, however, is the Baker's eighths, which are $45 ounces of mixed sativa, hybrid, or indica nugs selected for infusing your own oils and butters at home. // Punching in 1-800-CANNABIS to your phone calls up Weden. Selections are cued up by desired outcome: Sleep? Party? McLovin' time? The latter keeps the spirit of brand ancestor Lady Chatterley's alive. // CaliXpress' lane is the "best value marijuana you can find." Rather than a concierge, CaliXpress positions itself as "a grocery store," a necessity rather than a treat yo'self splurge—no small promise in these essential times. // Ganja Goddess was founded by a woman who felt uncomfortable visiting most California dispensaries, and for good reason—the ogling and "bro" culture of some cannabis dispensaries can be overwhelming. Though Ganja Goddess is an online delivery, they prioritize education and service, with patient customer support available daily via phone. Ganja Goddess is the place to go for luxury edibles or any wellness products you might need a little extra help choosing between.

Artisanal Cannabis Edibles + Drinks

As we begin to re-enter the real world, discreet consumption is once again the name of the game. Luckily, while we all got high watching Bridgerton last year, cannabis companies experimented with all types of different infusions to get us higher, quicker, and in even more delectable and creative ways. Indulge in a fast-acting aperitif, sautée vegetables in THC olive oil, or munch on some rosin-infused chocolates before bed. We are living through the renaissance of cannabis edibles, and there's never been a better time to indulge.


Though several cannabis brands have entered the cannabis olive oil game, Potli still takes the (olive oil) cake. They have a hemp-CBD variety if you need your olive oil to cross state lines ($32), a THC-infused collaboration with Aster Farms ($43) or, best of all, their CBD/THCA variety, which keeps you sober when served cold or activates with THC when heated ($55). Their THC-, CBD-, and CBN-infused organic local honey ($35-$45) also makes for the ultimate throat-soother if you're suffering from seasonal allergies. // For a little extra spice, Pot D'Huile has designed some mouthwatering offerings. Their CBD-infused Hot Sloth Hot Sauce ($36, available online) is ideal for pork or fruit, made with pungent, tangy ingredients like Japanese plum, purple sweet potato, shiso, and koji. Their Loud Grandma CBD-infused Chili Crisp Oil ($29, available online), delightfully packaged in an imitation take-out box, is also a wonderfully authentic-tasting topper for noodles and meats. // If you're a fan of Mexican food, FA Ninos' Smoking Green Pot Sauce ($25, available at Stiiizy Union Square) has all the classic tang of jalapeños, serranos, and garlic necessary for topping tacos through the summer months.


Industry-dominating gummy brand Plus has finally entered the premium whole-plant edible market with their new limited-edition orange-blossom-flavored hash gummy, backed by old school hash masters Biscotti Brands, just in time for 4/20 ($29, available at Harborside). Prefer a more classic boost? Pop one of Plus' sour watermelon Uplift gummies for fast-acting bubbly vibes ($18, available at Eaze). // Papa & Barkley's hash-infused chocolates ($21) are as creamy as a Ghirardelli square and are infused with relaxing, whole-plant cannabis that gets you lifted with none of the typical edibles anxiety. Their hash-infused gummies, too, yield the ideal, euphoric, Sunday afternoon high while melting away the week's aches and pains ($20, both available at Farmacy Berkeley). // From Oregon but legally ported to California, Wyld is the industry leader in gummies ($18), with 1:1 and high-CBD varieties, and also stands out with its blood-orange, sativa-enhanced white chocolates (available at Posh Green, Urbana, and Project Cannabis). // If you must travel, melt away pandemic stress by popping a hand-crafted Mellows marshmallow in either THC-infused peppermint bark or the CBD-rich brown-butter sage ($7, available at Vapor Room). // Oakland-based Kiva Confections has entered the world of whole-plant edibles too, and for good reason: Within only a few weeks on the market, their Lost Farm line of fruit chews and gummies became a statewide favorite. Bite into a juicy peach-flavored gummy and enjoy the euphoric sativa high of the strain Mimosa ($25, available on Ganja Goddess). More of a chocolate lover? Order the brand's Terra Almond Bites ($28, available at Eaze)—with 5mg each of THC and CBD, it's ok if you can't eat just one. // The new Kanha nano vegan gummy takes the guesswork out of edibles because their specialty nanoemulsion technology lets effects kick in within about 10 minutes. In flavors Blood Orange Bliss, Luscious Lemon, and Serene Green Apple, these indica, sativa, and CBD gummies are perfect when you're in a pinch ($20, available at Posh Green Boutique). // If you have any dietary restrictions, Dosist has you covered. Their new gummies, labeled with the same easy-to-understand names as their vapes like Bliss and Calm, are both vegan and gluten-free ($20, available on Sava).


Cannabis has advanced from the White Claw era to fine faux liqueurs and mocktails, with infused drinks of every kind hitting the scene (and your brain). Up first is Wunder with their line of low-dose and low-calorie sparkling seltzers that feel more like a canned mocktail than sparkling juice. Infused with just 2mg THC, 2mg of THC's milder body-heavy cousin Delta-8, and 4mg CBD, these beverages bring on a subtle, social feeling unique from any other drink on the market ($20 per four-pack, available on Sava). // The magic of cannabis and caffeine is captured in Somatik, the first-of-its-kind (and still the best) cannabis cold brew ($8, available on Sava); the brand also offers THC coffee beans and CBD-rich goji berries, called Sparks, in its collection. // Designed with women foremost in mind, Kikoko made its mark with a variety of CBD and THC tea blends for all situations and occasions ($6 single-serve, $20/four-pack, $44/can of 10, available at Hi Fidelity); the Marin-based brand now also offers honey shots, tinctures, and mints. // Aperitifs are meant to stimulate the appetite and mind before a meal, so it makes complete sense to pour a little THC into your glass. Artet, however, is the only cannabis aperitif brand on the market so far, offering a botanical faux liqueur that has 2.5mg THC per serving ($50 per bottle, available at Posh Green Boutique). // Hops and cannabis are closely related, and so Lagunitas' combination, Hi Fi Hops, is rightly revered as one of the top weed drinks around. Try the 18:1 CBD:THC sparking water ($8, available at Posh Green Boutique). // Want a buzz without the booze? Grab a Cann Social Tonic—with 2mg THC and 4mg CBD, these sparkling waters provide a microdose in tasty flavors including ginger lemongrass. For 4/20 this year, the brand has released a special lime basil flavor in collaboration with the delivery service Sava ($5-$18, available on Sava). A note of caution: Cannabinoids in most drinks absorb more efficiently in the body, making them a bit stronger per milligram than the average edible. As the veteran stoner saying goes: Start low (dose), and go slow. // Sometimes, your cravings are just too specific for a pre-made beverage. Infuse your own drinks with Purejuana, an all-natural, rapid-onset powder that comes in easy-to-use 10mg packets. Better yet, the cannabinoids are strain-specific, so you can choose the ideal effect to go with your favorite drinks ($30, available at Barbary Coast).


Most everyone has gotten more into cooking over the past year, whether it be by choice or out of necessity. If you're out of new recipes to try, the cannabis cookbook category continues to grow, with infinite meal and dessert options you can infuse at home. Mellows creator and San Franciscan Stephanie Hua and Cannasseur Series executive chef Coreen Carroll give all their secrets away in Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. Featuring directions on how to prepare 30 low-dose edibles, the book is a roadmap for budding chefs as well as mindful entertainers. // Chef Cheri Sicard believes that cooking with cannabis should be an everyday venture. She also grasps that fudging the active ingredient is a recipe for disaster, which is why her Easy Cannabis Cookbook provides both a dosing guide and a 101-level explanation, as well as 60 recipes suitable for weekday nights and lazy brunches. // If you love to keep your bar cart stocked and mix cocktails at home, the new book Cannabis Drinks, from "Herb Somm" Jamie Evans, walks you through making THC and CBD drinks both with pre-made tinctures or honey and home-infused simple syrups. The Ginger Rabbit, made with THC honey, fresh carrot, ginger, and lemon juice will have you blissed-out all summer long.

The Purest Vapes, Cartridges + Concentrates

Each method of cannabis consumption has a time and place. Edibles are great for long hikes or movie marathons, joints are great for socializing, and bongs are there when you're ready to go all-in. But when it comes to discretion, nothing works better than vaping. With little smell, a quick, potent onset, and a similar appearance to nicotine vapes, it's tempting to keep one in your pocket at all times. These are the best cartridges and tech for your on-the-go vaping needs.


For the peak top-shelf experience, it's hard to beat Friendly Farms' selection of exotic pure live resin cartridges ($36 per half gram, available at Hi Fidelity). A brand known as much for their community-first mindset as their premium concentrates, they routinely collaborate with other big-name brands like Connected, Wonderbrett, and Seven Leaves. // Raw Garden has become an industry standard for a reason: They're consistent, and probably offer the best bang for your buck. The cartridges are a blend of whole-plant live resin and distillate, yielding many of the benefits of top-shelf extracts at a reasonable price point. Pick up a 3 Bears OG half gram cart and you'll never go back to your post-work glass of wine again ($35/half gram, $60/gram, available at The Green Cross). // Though whole-plant extracts like live resin, sauce, and rosin are a must if you're looking for a heavy-hitting high, Eden's diamond distillate cartridges are the most premium distilled THC oil money can buy. In fact, the oil is so pure it's clear, and is delivered via a patented mouth piece that makes for a smoother than usual hit ($45, available at East of Eden). // Jetty Extracts utilizes sustainable farming practices and industry-leading hydrocarbon extraction in its high potency cartridges. Take a tropical vacay with a gram of the Gold Pineapple Express ($50, available at Eaze). // Born in Humboldt County, Dosist celebrates the seat of cannabis legacy in its plant science–based formulas that are "chemically engineered to make people feel a certain way—calm, sleepy, relieved of pain—without getting high." Most important, however, is the brand's patented technology: These pens buzz in your hand and shut off after puffing the proper "dose." Previously only sold in a disposable format, the pens now come in a rechargeable form. Better yet, the brand has also recently delved into live resin, so you can pair the premium technology with top shelf concentrates ($40-$100, available at SPARC). // We get it: You're a pro. You want potency, as quickly and cleanly as possible. Even more, you don't mind if it wears off in an hour or two—quick, potent highs are the name of the game, because you have stuff to do. You, friend, want the full-gram cartridges from Heavy Hitters, with full flavor and full effect ($60, available at Magnolia Oakland). // Known for clean cannabis, Oakland-based Brite Labs was one of the very first to be certified safe and free of the deadly additive Vitamin E acetate, the culprit behind the 2019 vape crisis. Breathe easy when you see the Brite Labs label on Pax Era pods and regular pen cartridges ($30-$50, available at Urbana). // For the best value, we can't argue with what's on offer from Circles ($15/half gram, $25/gram, available at Eaze). Their sauce cartridges, and particularly the Forbidden Fruit variety, are similar in quality to cartridges that sell for $20 more.


Concentrates used to only suit the most serious of stoners, mainly because of their potency and the fact that a blow torch is typically needed to vape them. However, refillable vape pens like the Puffco Plus ($89) make it simple and easy to enjoy the purest concentrates at approachable doses. // Oakland-based Guild Extracts has one of the widest selections around, including oils that focus on specific cannabinoids. Try their distilled Delta-8 ($45, available at Barbary Coast) for a functional and comparatively subtle body high. // Whether it's after a killer workout or a tough day at work, sometimes we just need a hefty dose of CBD. Craft company Blessed Extracts has you covered with their Emerald Cup-winning Suzie Q CBD concentrate ($38, available at Hi Fidelity). // On nights when you're trying to let loose, it's hard to do better than Berkeley-based artisan rosin-makers Doc Green's. Their completely solventless extracts are made as pure and true-to-the-plant as humanly possible, so you get all the benefits of smoking with none of the smoke ($66, available on Sava).


Born of the same lab that brought you a certain very notorious product popular with teens, Pax carries none of the stigma and all of the design genius. The new Pax Era Life comes in three colors in addition to the classic black, and is even a tiny bit smaller and sleeker than their previous Pax Era models ($35, available at // The Hydrology9 NX, from Bay Area–based hardware company Cloudious9, is the best tech for enjoying both extracts and flower without a flame. Throw the small water pipe in its nifty carrying case and you're set for any West Coast road trip no matter how long you're gone ($300, available on // Just want to roll a J? For the everyday toke, pick up Everyday's quarter-ounce of Mandarin Cookies ($105, available at Eaze).

Cannabis for Wellness: Tinctures, Topicals + More

With the conditions around us fluctuating as much as they are, self-care has never been more important. For many of us, that means at-home spa days and pampering, and there's no better companion for a day of relaxing than cannabis-infused wellness products that amplify the relief.


Papa & Barkley is a top brand for topicals, but in addition to balms and patches they also offer tinctures in both high CBD, 3:1, and 1:1 CBD:THC ratios ($45-$90, at dispensaries Bay Area–wide; hemp-based CBD products may be ordered online for shipping directly from // Ditch the Ambien and place a dropper full of Cosmic View's Slumber tincture, a 4:1 ratio of THC:CBD with added skullcap, chamomile, and valerian for a peaceful night's rest ($62, available on Sava). // Chemistry's Lady Benbow 10:1 CBD-rich tincture ($50, available at Caliva) is an Emerald Cup first-place winner. Its healing properties come courtesy of full-spectrum cannabis extract, steam-distilled terpenes, and organic MCT oil. // If you need to relieve daytime anxiety and find CBD tends to make you sleepy, Juna's Balance CBD drops are designed to keep you clear-headed and awake despite the added sense of calm ($60, available at


Melt away the day with one of Life Elements' hand-dosed, broad-spectrum CBD bath bombs ($14-$28, available at These bath bombs are advertised as "water-activated pain relief," and the statement is true: Nothing cures post-workout muscle soreness better than a soak in a frothy, ylang ylang–scented bath. // Cannabis is rife with essential oils—a terpene by any other name—and Sweet Releaf's Roll-on Body Oils, coming in "warm" and "cool" varieties, are like an IcyHot from another dimension ($22-$40, available at Sava). Their standard topical, the Comfort Body Butter, is a favorite pain-reliever among industry veterans and has been around since the Prop 215 days. // Mary's Muscle Freeze ($44, available at Eaze) combines CBD with menthol in a roller applicator to cool that burn in your back. // If you need a little help regulating yeast and bacteria in the down-there areas, Quim's line of daily care products prioritize health over irritating scents. Their lubricants, on the other hand, increase sensation and libido in a healthy, temporary way by aiding blood flow ($48, available on Sava). // Lord Jones is an 'It' brand for those seeking luxurious, CBD-rich skin and body care products. And while the brand is actually based in Los Angeles, we're giving them props for having donated $300,000 worth of soothing CBD product to healthcare workers amid the Covid-19 crisis. Their high-CBD body lotion ($60), moisturizer ($75), and bath salts ($65) are typically available at FortyFiveTen (6540 Washington St., Yountville, and Spa Radiance (3011 Fillmore St., Pacific Heights,, and may be purchased online at

Cannabis Experiences in Northern California


Known for her free-spirited Ganja Yoga classes, Oakland-based instructor Dee Dussault was the first person to bring the ancient combination of cannabis and yoga to the United States. This 4/20, she's planning a schedule of 20-minute yoga classes for a "day of returning home to yourself." Register online, then tune in on April 20th ($20, 11am to 5pm) for programming including workshops on healing herbs and social justice and even some sexy yoga classes, too. You can also sign up for Dussault's online cannabis-enhanced yoga classes ($30 for 12 monthly classes;


Though international travel still isn't condoned by the CDC, this stage of the pandemic is perfect for crossing every road trip off your bucket list. Luckily, the world-famous Emerald Triangle offers enough adventures to take up your entire summer. Combine all the wonders NorCal has to offer with the newly added Weed and Wine tour from Humboldt Cannabis Tours, a local staple that offered some of the best full-day and half-day cannabis farm tours since 2015 ($220, includes tasting and lunch). // Still called the Solar Living Institute (13771 US-101, Hopland) but soon to be renamed when it reopens this summer with the help of its new owners at the sustainable cannabis brand Flow Kana, this Hopland stop is dedicated to education. Upon reopening, the institute will offer workshops on sustainable cannabis growing methods and the importance of solar energy and self-sufficiency. // If roughing it is more your style, book a three-night glamping retreat at Sol Spirit Retreats in Willow Creek, where each luxurious bell tent includes real beds, a private bath house, farm to table meals, a trip floating down the Trinity River, and a tour of the outdoor Sol Spirit Farm ($450-$800/for three nights). // For a quick getaway, book a fun and informative bus tour to check out the perfect weather and optimal growing conditions that make the Emerald Triangle so famous. For 4/20/21 only, Emerald Farm Tours is combining a historic tour of San Francisco with a cannabis farm tour in Hopland, complete with a catered lunch, CBD mocktails, and a 4:20pm munchie-filled celebration ($395). // The Mendocino Experience Cannabis Farm Tour in Hopland is the perfect day-trip for folks who want to learn all about cannabis production. Their tour covers everything you need to know about greenhouse growing, light deprivation, commercial nursery propagation, compliance, and distribution. In the afternoon, guests can choose between wine tasting, bud tasting, or a stroll off the beaten path into the Mendocino County Redwoods ($420 for two people). // On April 20th, Papa & Barkley will host the soft opening of its new luxury day spa, dispensary, consumption lounge, and food truck at the brand's Eureka, California headquarters. Called Papa & Barkley Social, the new lifestyle location is a collaboration with Humboldt Social, a group of Humboldt County businesses focused on cannabis hospitality, and is expected to officially open on May 6th. The day spa will be the star of the show, offering a menu of cannabis-infused massages and beauty treatments that will leave you ultra-relaxed. // For all the authoritative info on Emerald Triangle tourism, visit


If you aren't yet ready to drive beyond county lines, celebrate 4/20 in San Francisco with the High, San Francisco! scavenger hunt ($50) on April 17th from events company Collective High. The fastest contestants to decode all the clues are eligible for prizes like an Omura vaporizer, a dozen Mellows marshmallows, and Pop-Up Potcorn. Collective High is currently filling its summer and fall calendars with culinary explorations, farm tours, and fashion events. Join their mailing list and keep up with happenings on the horizon.

No matter what your plans are this year, California cannabis brands have you covered. There's never been a better time to get high off your own supply.

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