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Unconscious Archives Announce Festival

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


The Quietus

Leftfield arts outlet Unconscious Archives announces their first full festival of music, film and for this September

London's Unconscious Archives have made a name in leftfield arts and music circles since their founding in 2011, hosting over 20 events and 70 artists across London. This year, they emerge from the underground to host their first full festival, set across three different events and an exhibition at four distinctive venues September 20-30.

The events include experimental live film show 'Narrativize' at Shoreditch's Close-Up Film Centre, a hand-built and coded electronic music show 'Haptic Somatic' at South London's Corsica Studios, and a digital performance technology showcase 'Compositional Constructs' at Cafe Oto. Additionally, UA2017 features an exhibition on the experiential and innovative music and art of Austria in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

The festival hosts thirty artists from around the globe in total, spread across four esteemed venues. Headliners include digital artist Myriam Bleau, German producer Ziúr, and paracinema researcher and artist Esperanza Collado. Our cassettes editor, Tristan 'Spools Out' Bath, will also feature.

For more information and tickets, visit the #UA2017 website.

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