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WATCH: Trailer For New Krent Able Film

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


The Quietus

Legendary Stool Pigeon illustrator Krent Able will be launching his new film Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll on tQ next week.

Steve Martin, better known by his demonic alias Krent Able, will be launching his new film Ink, Cocks & Rock'n'Roll with tQ.

The film celebrates Martin’s morbid artwork and the alter-ego that creates it, an interesting contrast when in reality Martin is much more personable than one would expect.

Having done the tour artwork for Kendra Frost and Savages’ Ayşe Hassan, we interviewed Martin, Frost and Hassan about his artwork, music, cocks and finding the limit in provocative art. As the artist known for drawing wolf-like self-portraits and perverted Nick Caves, Martin defends “I’m not pushing myself, I’m just winding people up.”

Ink, Cocks & Rock’n’Roll will launch on tQ on June 22, you can watch a trailer above, and check back in here next week to watch the whole thing.

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